From an early age, music has been a major part of Andrew's life. Both of his parents are music teachers of various different instruments so music was always around as Andrew grew up. Piano was the first instrument that he learned to play, starting at the age of seven. At age ten, Andrew received a bass guitar for Christmas and has been playing ever since. Tuba was picked up in middle school and played through high school. Guitar was added to the repertoire in high school.

Over the years, Andrew has been involved in numerous different bands, ensembles, and productions. Throughout college he played on a traveling music team while also writing music for another band. After graduating, Andrew continued to pursue his various musical endeavors and built a recording studio where he recorded and produced several different bands of varying styles. After several years of studio work, Andrew wanted to delve into the world of live production and started Reliquis Productions in March of 2011. Since then, he has DJ'd many weddings, designed complex light shows, and produced concerts up to 1,600 people. 

In addition to his work with Reliquis, Andrew currently plays guitar and writes music for the band Bravo Company. He is also the Production Manager for Portico Church and plays bass guitar for their Sunday services.