We have the sound and lighting setups to make your party the talk of all your friends. We have a variety of high quality sound systems that will exceed your expectations regardless of the size of the party. Subwoofers are a must for every party to ensure that you not only hear but feel the low frequencies of today’s dance music. Our intricate lighting setups will keep people dancing and make the party one for you to remember. We are constantly changing the design of our lighting setup to incorporate new and exciting elements so no two parties are the same!

We work with several DJ’s and mash-up groups and will work tirelessly to make sure that your party has the right DJ to suite your tastes.

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From the first moment of sound testing, a bass blast through Reliquis' subs, I could tell it was going to be an amazing night.  We were in the UVA outdoor amphitheater by the Lawn, and the deep, satisfying tone matched what I would imagine an atomic bomb would sound like had it (safely) exploded in the middle of our set-up. The event was a night of contemporary worship music in April put on by a university student group. We were an 8 - 10 piece band that really didn't have much experience playing together, but Reliquis helped us sound better than we could have hoped for. Their manager, Andrew Brubaker, was knowledgeable, proficient, and exceeded every expectation for the night. Lights were stellar, and even in the difficult cement stage space, monitor mix and stage noise was perfect.

The best image I could give of Reliquis' excellent equipment and masterful use of space is this: as the band was sound checking for the night, I got a text from a friend who was in his house on Grady Avenue. Google maps confirms that the distance from the UVA amphitheatre to Grady is 0.9 miles. Not only could my friend hear our band, but told me exactly what song we were playing. Take that as you will, but Reliqius's set up can do incredible things. Our group has two more shows this year, and I wouldn't even think about calling another production company!

Best night of music ever.

– Jed Metge, Inner Varsity Leadership UVA

Andrew (and Brian) make(s) Reliquis da bomb. It's no small feat to get 50-year old feet on the dance floor but their music makes timid folks wanna busta move! And they have more smoke and lights than a car dealership on halloween. Yeah, they can turn it on!

– Rob Jiranek (March 2012)